Assessment Structure

Assessments in Clinidex are organized by Sections and Categories.

Assessment Categories / Assessment Questions

Assessment Categories are the different questions that may be asked on an Assessment. Each Category (or question) may be enabled or disabled, depending on your requirements or preferences. Each Category that you choose to have enabled or "active"  can be assigned to appear on as many or as few Assessments for your campus as you would like. 

Assessment Sections

Assessment Sections are simply Assessment Categories grouped by topic.  These sections include:

  • Admission
  • Independent Living
  • Activities of Daily Life
  • Medications
  • Physical
  • Social and Cognitive
  • Safety
  • Summary (optional)
  • Transfer and Discharge

The Campus Assessment Setup screen displays all Assessment Sections, as well their related Assessment Categories. It is helpful to think of the Assessment Sections as just an organizational tool to  make it easy to find a particular Assessment Category.