Configuring and using the ResiDex Attachments feature allows you to attach your scanned documents and computer files to a Client, Prospect or Staff member.

Please note, this assumes the initial setup for Attachments has been done.

To Upload Attachments:

  • If you are a hosted user, Go to the File menu in ResiDex, and select Upload Files.
  • Go to the profile screen for the Resident, Prospect or Staff Member.
  • Press the "Attach" button on the profile scree; this takes you to the Attachment screen, which will list all of the files currently attached to this Resident / Prospect / Staff Member
  • Select the type of attachment you wish to link to. Attachment types can be whatever you want. If the one you want isn't in the list, press the '+' button to add it.
  • After you select the Attachment Type, a new window will pop up - this is your upload directory. Select the file you want to attach to the resident
  • Enter a name for this attachment
  • Press the "OK" button
  • Now the attachment you have just added will be visible in the attachment list.

To View Attachments

  • After you have uploaded an attachment, you will see it listed in the Attachment list. To view it, just click on the title. Thats it!