Auto-Create Services

The Auto-create Service option enables ResiDex to prompt ResiDex Users to add a Med Assist or Med Setup service when needed.

How Med Assist/Setup Services are Auto-Created

For Med Assist: When you enter a HHA/RA scheduled medication and schedule the time, a screen will appear to schedule the service (if no other med assist service was scheduled for that exact time).

For Med Setup: If you have medications that are to be setup by a nurse and preview the "Med Setup Sheet Nurse" from the snap reports, a screen will appear to schedule the med setup service (if one was not previously scheduled).

To Schedule the Service

  • Enter the scheduled med assist time
  • In the "Add a Med Assist Service" screen - select a service
  • Select the Provider
  • Edit the effective date- if needed (Usually needed for a MONTHLY MED)
  • Edit the Est. Minutes - if needed
  • Edit the Task Details - if needed
  • Press Save to add the service to the resident's services screen

Enable Auto-Create Services

Auto-Creation of services should be enabled by default. If it is not:

  • From the Campus Profile Screen
  • Check the box "Auto Create Services"

Additional Setup Needed

The auto create service option needs services scheduled in the "Category" Med Assist and Med Setup. There is an alternative option to "Derive med services for assignments from med times".