Campus Units

Campus units will allow you to assign an individual to a specific apartment / unit / room. This will also help easily see available rooms for marketing purposes.

To enter unit numbers:

  • Go to the Setup Tab, and select "Campus"
  • Select - Campus Units
  • Select the "Community" from the drop down list
  • Enter the unit numbers
  • Select the "Room Type" (optional)

When entering units please keep the following in mind:

  • You may want to put a space or 0 before single digit room numbers to help them sort correctly.
  • Some facilities choose to create multiple units to indicate available beds.  For example: Unit 101 A and 101 B. This will help on the ProsPex Dashboard to indicate there is an availability.
  • If you want to specify the unit type and it is not in the list, you may Add/Edit unit types.