Care Package Setup

Care Packages are typically a monthly or daily package that is usually based on a care level or points system. A resident must be on the billing option "Care Package" in order to see the "care package" field in the "Fee and Payers" screen.

To Create Care Packages:

  • Click the Billing Tab and select Rates – Packages (Levels)

Image 1

  • Click New

image 2

  • Enter/Edit the package name (A)
  • Enter a "Points Desc" (B) - if you don't use points you can enter a "." as a place-holder.
  • Enter the "Default Package Rate" (C)
  • Select a "Rate Period" which will be "month" or "days" (D)

image 3

To edit the Care Package Rate from the Billing Tab:

  • Select Rates – Packages (level) - (image 1 above)
  • Type over the current package rate - (image 3 - item C)
  • Press Tab to move through the fields
  • If someone is currently charged that care package rate, an effective date box will appear
  • Enter the effective date and press “OK” to close the screen

What Happens When the Rate Changes:

If someone is on the care package that was edited, they will automatically have another line in their Fees/Payers screen with the updated rate and date.