Providers Overview

The "Provider" tab will allow you to add or edit care provider descriptions, appointments, chores, and shifts.  To edit the details on this screen you must have Manager or Supervisor ResiDex roles.

What is a Care Provider? The term provider in ResiDex is the descriptive word used by a campus to refer to a specific shift. For example, one of three day shifts in an assisted living facility may be called AL-Day 1. The provider is the connector between the residents and their services. When you schedule a service, you will choose a provider to provide the service. The more descriptive the provider name, the easier it will be to schedule your resident services.

What does Provider Type mean? A provider type is the general term used in ResiDex to describe the position a staff person would hold. This is not meant to be a specific title like administrator or case manager. The provider type actually refers to the level of hierarchy in scheduling services. For example, if a service needs to be performed by an LPN or RN, the minimum provider type would be listed as LPN. Both an RN and an LPN can perform the service, but an aide could not. ResiDex gives you cues when you are scheduling to indicate that you have not chosen the correct provider type. If you want to add or modify the list of provider types, please contact ResiDex Support at 1-866-512-8369.

What does shift mean? The shift is the basic hours a provider would be working. This is important in scheduling services. ResiDex will intuitively choose the providers that work at the time you indicated.

What is a community? The term community in ResiDex refers to the natural divisions in a facility or residence (ex. wing, floor, house). It may also refer to a specific type of care (ex. assisted living, memory care, independent living). ResiDex uses the community designation to help you sort and track resident information more effectively.

What does the primary community effect? The primary community effects the services that a provider can perform. Each resident is designated for a certain community and ResiDex helps you schedule providers for resident services by matching the community.

What is a provider note? A provider note will display on the top of the Daily or Shift Assignment form. It would display on that provider's assignment until it was removed.

What is a chore? A chore is a type of assignment for a provider that is not specific to a resident. You may enter a chore to communicate non-resident resident specific items that need to be performed. For example, a chore may be a cleaning task, leading an activity or even taking a lunch break.

What is the appointment button for? The appointment button will open up an appointment calendar. This will allow you to enter and appointment for the provider relating to a resident simultaneously. You may only assign one appointment to one provider per time slot available.