Put a Resident on "Hold"

Residents should be placed on 'hold' when they are out of your care / out of your building for 24 hours or more for any reason.  Doing so will prevent services for a resident from showing up on service schedules and lists (unless certain exceptions have been made).   A resident should not be put on hold until they have actually left the building, for this same reason--it puts their services / cares on hold as well. 

When a Resident’s Care Status is set to hold, it affects certain reports and features such as:

  • Daily Assignments
  • Census reports
  • Client Status reports
  • E-Charting of medications and services

Because these reports are affected, a Resident’s Care Status should be immediately changed to “Active” once they have returned.

Please Note: If you have started this process in error, press "Cancel" to end this process. Please read the message that pops up when you cancel. You MUST press the ESCAPE KEY on your keyboard to make the resident status return to the original value on the profile screen.

Put a resident on Hold

  • From the Home tab , Open a "Resident Profile"
  • Change the value in the “Status” Section from "Active" to "Hold"

  • In the new window, Select the “Reason for going on hold” (Click the + to add a new reason if needed)
  • Enter the date and time the resident went on hold
  • Press OK to close the screen

After the resident has been successfully put on Hold, you will see a pop up window displaying contacts that may need to be notified.  You may print or close the screen.

Take a resident off Hold

If a resident is discharged, you will need to click the "All (includ. discharged) button to see the resident name. Find the resident name and simply:

  • Change the Status of a Resident from "Hold" or "Discharged" to "Active"
  • Fill in the information and press "OK"

Residents may also be placed on Hold from RTasks.

Managing Resident Care Status - Video Tutorial