CliniDex: Require Next Assessment Due Date

CliniDex allows you to record an assessment for an individual.  If an individual has a significant change, nurses can opt to do a "Clinical Update" assessment, but what happens when an individual is thriving and stable?  Many states require an assessment/review to be completed every X number of days.  How can you be sure you do not miss a required assessment for any individual?  Our "Require next assessment due date" will assist.

How it Works:

  • When you "Mark an Assessment Complete" a pop up will appear
  • Enter the next assessment due date or click an option to calculate the next one due (1)
  • OR if the Resident will not require a next assessment due date, click "No Date (No scheduled assessment)" (2)
  • When finished, press "OK"

Adding/Editing the Next Assessment Due Date:

If you need to add/edit the next assessment due date, that can be done from the "Campus Assessment Overview" screen.

Available Notification:

  • From the Notification Screen - Select the category "Clinical"
  • Click on the "Assessment Reminders" notification and click the ">" to move it to the "My Selected Notifications" screen