Convert Prospect to Resident

When a Prospect commits to moving into your facility, it is very easy to convert that individual from a "Prospect" to a "Resident". Since ProsPex and ResiDex are integrated, you will find this process easy, efficient and hassle-free. The process of converting a Prospect to a Resident consists of changing the Prospect's status.

To Convert a Prospect to a Resident

  • From the Home - Prospect List - click the "Go" button to open a Prospect Profile

  • Click on the Prospect's Status drop-down menu and select "Resident"

  • Press "OK" to confirm you want to begin converting the Prospect to a Resident
  • Fill in the fields that display
  1. Edit the Prospect Name if needed
  2. Enter the Intake Date/Time and (optionally) Phone
  3. Select the Campus, Community and Room/Unit 
  4. Select the Case Manager
  5. The Status will default to "Active" unless the intake date (2) is a future date when the status will reflect "Reserved"
  6. Edit the housing type if needed
  7. Select "Convert Prospect to Resident" to finalize the conversion or "Cancel" to abandon the process

After you select "Convert Prospect To Resident",  the Prospect name will be moved from the Prospect List to the Resident List. All of the information you had added to this person as a Prospect will be carried over to their Resident Profile.

Converting a Prospect to a Resident - Video Tutorial