Converting Reports

You can save a ResiDex report in a different file format for other uses.

  1. When previewing a report, click on "file" in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Select the "save as" option and a pop-up box will appear entitled "Output To".
  3. Select the file format (ex. Microsoft Excel) form the list provided and say "ok".
  4. In the larger "Output To" box that will appear, click twice on the small folder with the up arrow in the top tool bar.
  5. Double-click on "Computer" from the list of options. Here you will see your list of local drives.
  6. Choose the drive you wish to save the new file in. NOTE: Choose from the drives at the bottom of the list - most likely labeled C or D drives. Be sure to save your document in a drive and folder you will remember!