Deactivate a User

In the event of a staff member resigning, being terminated, or otherwise leaving your employee, you must deactivate that user's account to protect access to the data you manage. Fortunately it is extremely easy and fast to disable a user's access to ResiDex and/or RTasks!

Disable / Deactivate a User

Start from the Staff Tab of ResiDex. This tab displays a list of all of your staff members.

  • Find the ResiDex user you wish to disable
  • Un-check the Active checkbox for this user.
  • Staff Status Change Date: Enter the last date the user should be able to login.
  • Change Status To: Select an option from the dropdown list or type in a reason for the change.
  • Press OK

That's it! This user is now blocked from logging into ResiDex AND\OR RTasks! 

Staff Roles

You also have the option of completely removing Staff Roles for this user.  Staff Roles control what each user can see and do in ResiDex. If you deactivate a ResiDex user with the above method, they will not be able to log in, but it is good policy to remove their staff roles as well, for the sake of completeness. Instructions on removing (as well as granting) Staff Roles may be found here.