Delete an Incident

If an Incident recorded in ResiDex was found to be entered in error (i.e. it was added for the wrong resident, with an incorrect date, entered twice, etc), the Incident may be deleted to keep records accurate.  RTask users who enter incident data only in RTasks should use RTasks to delete incidents, if needed (the second option below).

Delete an Incident from Desktop Residex

  • From the Resident List screen, select Incidents from a resident's Option list
  • Find the Incident that needs to be deleted and press the "Go" button
  • Delete the date of the Incident
  • Press the Edit button
  • A message will appear saying "You may not save a partial Incident. Delete Incident?"
  • Press OK: The Incident will then be deleted.


Delete an Incident from RTasks

  • From the Clinical tab, select Incidents
  • Select "View Reported Incidents"
  • Select the incident you wish to review/delete and open up the details.
  • At the bottom of the entry, select "Cancel Incident".
  • A message will appear confirming you wish to cancel the incident;  click on "Confirm" to delete the incident or "Cancel" to back out of the action.