ResiDex: Shared Login / '2-step'

We will outline instructions on logging into Desktop ResiDex. The instructions are intended to be used by our "hosted" ResiDex clients. Hosted ResiDex clients have their database stored and backed up on our ResiDex Server.  

Login to ResiDex

  • Locate the "ResiDex (Hosted).rdp" OR "RESIDEX.rdp" icon on your desktop and click on it


  • If a message pops up saying the publisher can't be identified, you can click "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer"

  • On the windows security screen, enter the password (1) and press "OK" (3) OR
  • Click use other account (2)

  • If you clicked "Use another account", fill in the username (Hint: it begins with ts2\ OR residex\) (1)
  • NOTE: Make sure you use the correct \ (the one above the enter key on the keyboard)
  • Enter the password (2)
  • Press OK (3)

  • A screen will appear that will report that Remote Apps is connecting
  • To check the status of the connection, and verify you entered the credentials correctly, click "Show Details" (OPTIONAL)

Log Into ResiDex:

  • The "ResiDex 2.0 Login" screen will open
  • Enter your Login/Username and Password - This is your STAFF SPECIFIC - CONFIDENTIAL login
  • Press Login and ResiDex will open

  • When ResiDex opens, you may get a message "Show Notifications" - Select OK or Cancel. See "Notifications" for more information

Logout of ResiDex

  • To log out and allow someone else to login, simply click the "Logout"  at the top of the screen

  • The next user can log in
  • If you are leaving the computer, press the EXIT button

Editing Credentials:

My PC Login credentials did not work or I want to use a different PC Login?

If you click "Details" or "Show Details" when logging into the initial ResiDex login screen you may see a message "Your credentials did not work".  You then have the option to cancel or enter the new password.  If someone had selected "remember my credentials" but they entered them incorrectly, you can edit the credentials using the following process:

  • From your desktop - RIGHT CLICK on your ResiDex icon
  • Select EDIT
  • A screen will appear - click on the EDIT or DELETE option to edit/delete the credentials

I forgot my PC Login Name or Password:

If you forget your PC login name (ts2\.. or residex\..) or password

  • Contact your administrator for assistance
  • Your administrator can contact us if they need assistance

I forgot my ResiDex Login Name or Password:

If you forget your ResiDex 2.0 login information