Managing resident diagnoses is quick and easy in ResiDex. An individual can have one or more diagnoses, but only one may be marked as the "primary" diagnosis. Some reports will not display information if the diagnosis is missing.  In the case that you are not sure of the diagnosis, you may add "Unknown" or "None on File" until an accurate diagnosis is stated.  

Note: To enter resident diagnoses, a ResiDex user must have Staff Role #19 - Meds and Diagnosis. This role will also  allow you to add or edit  a diagnosis.

Add a Resident's Diagnoses

  1. From the diagnoses screen - click New
  2. Start typing the diagnosis name in the field or open the drop down option list to scroll and select

Filtering the Diagnoses list

  • DOUBLE click on a blank line
  • The "Filter For" screen will appear
  • Type a word in the Search For - field and press enter
  • The filtered list will display the diagnoses containing the word/letters in the search field

Optional Fields:

  1. The resident must have ONE primary diagnosis, but you may toggle the primary by unchecking and rechecking the correct box
  2. A diagnosis note will allow you to add details to be specific about the diagnosis
  3. The date can be when the onset occured.  It does NOT have to be in mm/dd/yyyy format. 
  4. Toggle the current and chronic options to allow you to maintain a diagnosis that the resident once had but does not have it currently

Add Diagnosis NOT in the Diagnoses List

If a diagnosis is not in your list to select, you may add it to the list.

  • From the Diagnoses List - click the + button by a blank line

  • A window will open - type in the new diagnosis and click X to close the window that opened

  • This will automatically add the diagnosis to the diagnoses list and it will be selected for the resident

Diagnoses - Video Tutorial