Discharge a Resident

If a resident is moving out, is deceased, or has transferred to another campus, Residex users will want to "Discharge" that resident in their database.

"Discharge" Vs. "Hold"

Discharging a resident is different than putting them on Hold in ResiDex. The resident is placed on Hold when they will be temporarily out of your care / your building - residents on hold are expected to return after a brief absence. Discharging a resident is done if the resident is deceased, or is moving out and is not expected to return  (although discharged residents CAN be easily re-admitted in the future.)

When a resident is Discharged, ALL of their services will be ended and will no longer generate entries on Daily Assignments, the Today Screen or RTasks.

Please Note: If you have started this process in error, press "Cancel" to end this process.  Please read the message that pops up when you cancel.  You MUST press the ESCAPE KEY on your keyboard to make the resident status return to the original value on the profile screen.

Discharge a Resident

  • From the Home tab , Open a "Resident Profile"
  • Change the value in the “Status” Section from "Active" to "Discharged."
  • In the new window, Select the “Reason for discharge” (Click the + to add a new reason if needed) for your records.
  • Discharged To: Enter where this resident is moving to (or write "deceased" if applicable.)
  • Enter the date (and optionally) time this resident was discharged, and press OK.

After the resident has been successfully Discharged, you will see a pop up window displaying contacts that may need to be notified.

Create a Discharge Summary

  • From the Home tab, open a "Resident Profile".
  • From the Options list at the bottom of the screen, open the assessment option "Discharge".
  • Within the assessment, select appropriate options for each category, adding notes when necessary (see Entering an Assessment for more instructions).
  • When finished, click on "Mark Complete". You will then be prompted to choose the "as of date" and print a Discharge Summary.


Managing Resident Care Status - Video Tutorial