Discontinue a Service

If you need to discontinue a service from a resident's Service Plan, you can quickly make the change in ResiDex!

Discontinue a service

  • Go to a resident's Service List (sometimes called "Services" or "Service Plan")
  • Click on the service you wish to discontinue
  • In the service details that open on the right, find the "End Date" field and fill it in.

Please note: The date you enter in the "End Date" field will be the last day this service is provided; so this service will still show up on Daily Assignments, the Today Screen RTasks and charting logs as a to-do item on the date you enter. The first date this service will NOT show up will be the day after the date you enter in the "End Date" field - so please plan accordingly!

  • A window will appear: select the reason service is being discontinued, and press OK. Press the Save button at the top of the screen, or Control-S on your keyboard.

The service is now discontinued!

It is useful to know that the data associated with this service hasn't, however, been deleted. At any time, you can select the "Ended and Hold" filter at the top of the Resident Services screen and view all services that have been ended or put on hold.

After a service has been discontinued, you can restart that service at any time in the future if you need to!