Discontinue Medication

If a medication is to be discontinued, you can easily record that change in ResiDex. ResiDex will handle not only entering the end DATE of the medication, but also the end TIME.  

Why is this useful?

If a medication is given two or more times a day, the end time for the medication will allow you to specify which med times will be administered before being discontinued on the last day.

If dosage or frequency for a medication is changing (instead of discontinuing the med) you should discontinue and restart the medication.

  • From the Resident Medication screen, click on the medication to discontinue
  • Add a value for the "End" date 
  • Optionally edit the end TIME - It will default to 11:59 PM for the date so all med times will by default be given on the last day

  • Enter the reason for discontinue (optional)
  • To finish, press Save
You can optionally enter the duration days first and the discontinue date will automatically fill in;  just  edit the end time if needed
You may "pre-date" the discontinue date if the medication is being discontinued in the future.

Discontinuing a Medication - Video Tutorial