Documenting Unscheduled Activities in Desktop ResiDex

ActiviDex allows you to create an activity calendar and document participation in those activities.  It also allows you to document unscheduled activities for one person or a group of people.

Note: A ResiDex user will need role #61, ActiviDex Basic, in order to document activities.

Document an unscheduled activity for a group of people

  • Start at the "Activity" tab and select a scheduled group (A)
  • Click on a blank line on the left and enter an activity (B)

  • Once the activity is entered click Doc

  • Start documenting who participated by using the "Select All" option or one resident at a time
  • Optionally enter notes by free typing or entering a letter from the key shown
  • Press Done

Documenting unscheduled activities for a single resident: 

  • From the "Activity" tab; select a resident name from the list on the right
  • Fill in the details: time, item, wellness (will automatically fill in) and note

  • Continue adding activities as needed to the new lines that appear or select a different resident first and then continue