Edit Med (Discontinue/Restart)

If a change in medication dosage, strength, frequency, or days is needed, you can easily make the necessary changes in ResiDex using the "Discontinue and Restart" button.  This entry option not only saves time, it also keeps a concise and accurate history of each medication.  

Note: This option is done if the medication is CHANGING.  You do NOT need to use this option if the medication is being discontinued completely.  If a medication is being discontinued completely, please see our instructions on how to Discontinue Medications.

Discontinue and Restart a Medication:

  • From the Resident Medication screen, click on the medication that needs to be edited

  1. Click "Discontinue and Restart"
  2. Select the "End Date" and enter the time
  3. Select the "Start Date" and enter the time - Note: Entering a "gap" in the end and start dates will indicate the medication is "on hold"
  4. Edit any other details needed and Press "OK"

Note: When you are using the "Discontinue and Restart" option you are:

  • Putting an end date on the current medication line item (it will go to the "Discontinued" medication list
  • Creating a new med line with the new effective date (Which may have a "future start date")
If you have a medication that has a tapering dosage schedule (such as Prednisone), you can use this feature multiple times to reflect the changes in dosage over time. To do this, repeat the above process by discontinuing and restarting on each NEW line item. You can verify you are on the correct record by looking at the med "start date".