"Encountered a Problem"

If you are accessing Hosted ResiDex from a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer and you get the error message "Remote Desktop Connection has encountered a problem and needs to close", you may need a windows patch. 

This is rare issue encountered on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers that are missing an important Windows update. Both Windows XP and Windows Vista are not recommended by ResiDex.


Windows XP is NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT. We strongly recommend you immediately discontinue use of Windows XP and update to a supported version of Windows. (Microsoft discontinued support of Windows XP on April 8, 2014: Details here.)

If you are unable to update your version of Windows, there is a patch that will solve this particular issue. However, ResiDex recommends updating to a supported version of Windows as a preferred solution over following the solution below.

Patch to fix "Encountered a problem"

This patch can be found here. (Scroll down to find the downloads; download and run the one appropriate to your version of Windows).