Enter an Assessment

When performing an assessment in Residex (whether electronically or on paper), the user must first select the type of assessment to be performed. Our document on Assessment Types will outline different assessment options available.  Once this has been determined, the actual entry of an assessment may be performed.

Roles Required to Enter Assessments

  • 31 - CliniDex Basic
  • 32 - ClniDex Nurse

Entering Assessment Information in Desktop Residex:

  • Start from the Profile of the Resident you wish to do an Assessment for.
  • Open the “Resident Option List,” and select the assessment type you wish
  • A prompt may appear, asking the reason you are performing the assessment. Enter for example: 90 day reassessment, change of condition, etc.
  • Select “OK” or “Yes" to launch the Assessment Screen
  • This Screen shows assessment items found in each of the assessment categories.  The categories include:
  • "AD" - Admission
  • "Ind" - Independent Living
  • "ADL" - Activities of Daily Life/Activities of Daily Living
  • "Me" - Medication
  • "Phy" - Physical
  • "Soci" - Social & Cognitive
  • "Saf" - Safety
  • "Su" - Summary (opt)
  • Each section has a series of Categories that should be evaluated to complete the Assessment.
  • Work in whatever order of Assessment Sections you wish – just click on the desired Section to go to its Categories.
  • An Assessment can be done all at once, or may be started and then completed at a later time. 
  • You can pause an assessment by simply exiting the screen at any time during the Assessment.  Because Residex allows only one "open" assessment at a time, when you return to the Assessments Options menu, you will see which assessment is still open, and other assessments will appear with *** next to them.  This simply alerts the user that they must complete the open assessment.
  • Assessments will not be considered complete until you click on the "Mark Complete" button  on the top center of the assessment screen.
  • If you click on this button and yet have not answered all the questions, you will see a popup alerting you that there are categories yet to be addressed.  This will not prevent you from marking the assessment complete;   it is intended simply as an alert.

To Evaluate a Category:

  • Click on the Category on the left side of the screen that you wish to evaluate
  • That Category’s Evaluation Option(s) will be on the right side of the screen.
  • Categories can be evaluated by simply selecting the desired Evaluation Options;  they then appear under the "Selected" area below.
  • To select an Evaluation Option, simply click on it. It will then be highlighted.
  • Some Evaluation Options are "Select from list" options so a menu will appear to select items
  • Items that state "Specify:" will automatically open the "note" field at the bottom of the screen
  • Some Categories have their Evaluation Options grouped into Sets. 

This means that unless you have an unusual or special circumstance, you would only select one answer from a Set of Evaluation Options. On rare occasions, multiple Options from the same Set would be selected – you will be warned when doing this that it is unusual.

  • If your assessment is configured to trigger the creation of services as certain assessment items are selected (called Assessment and Service Plan Integration), some additional steps may be performed to accomplish this.  
  • Evaluation option indicating "another provider will provide assistance" will display an option list to select an “Other Provider”. Review our  "Other Providers" document to learn how to customize the list.

   Adding Notes

  • Residex allows even more specificity by allowing the user to add notes to a selected answer.  Highlight the desired evaluation option;  this will give you an “Add Note” button at the bottom of the screen. You can press this button to type in more information related to this Category.  You may also use Snippets to add standard pieces or "snippets" of text that you have created.
  • To finish an Assessment, make sure that you have evaluated every Assessment Category, by verifying the top of the screen says “Remaining: 0 out of #,” and then Press the “Mark Complete" Button at the top of the screen

Assessments in RTasks

Users may also enter assessments electronically from RTasks.