RTasks: Enter an Assessment

If you have done the Assessment Setup in Desktop ResiDex, have User Role - 32 "CliniDex Nurse", and are an RTasks user, you can enter clinical and non-clinical assessments from RTasks.  Note: Non-clinical assessments (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can be configured to allow unlicensed staff to perform these as well.

Enter Assessments in RTasks:

  • Login and click Clinical
  • Select the option Assessments 

  • Select a Resident or Prospect and the Assessment Type
  • Note:  If an assessment has been previously started and not marked complete, it will be listed as an 'open' assessment.  
  • Users can finish the open assessment and mark complete.  Not all assessment options are available to perform until an open assessment is complete.

  • Once the Assessment type is selected, this opens fields allowing the user to enter the context of the assessment (done in person or remotely) and
  • If a clinical update,  the reason the assessment is being performed (e.g. 90 day reassessment, Change of Condition, etc...) 

  • The assessment history button will allow you to view a history of the completed assessments for that resident.
  • An optional notes field in the assessment history will allow you to add a note regarding any circumstances surrounding that assessment.
  • Click on the Assessment History button a second time to close the history view.
  • Blue links (1) indicate assessment categories. Click on the category to add or edit details to items in that category
  • 'Counts' by each line item (2) will display how many topics in the categories have been or need to be completed. 
  • Not all items in each category are required to be addressed.  Notifications will appear to the user if a required element is not addressed.

Add/Edit Assessment Details: 

  • Click on a category link to see the evaluation options

  1. If an item is selected, click Add Note if you wish to add a note (1)
  2. If a note had previously been entered, click Edit Note to update the note that is entered and displayed (2)
  3. Click the select box to select or un-select an evaluation option (3)
  4. When finished with the category press Back to return to all assessment categories (4)

Add Services During Assessment Entry:

If assessment -> service links have been created, you will have the option of entering a service or services into the Resident's service plan while completing an assessment.  This is how it will look:

  • Begin entering an assessment as outlined above
  • If an evaluation option is linked to services a "Show related services" option will appear

  • When you click on the link, related services will be displayed

  • To add a service, click on the "Add to schedule" option and to edit the service on the service plan click "Already on service plan"
  • This is what displays on the "Already on service plan" screen

Marking an Assessment Complete

  • Click 'Mark Assessment as Completed' to close the assessment.  This applies the current date to the assessment and sends Care Plans to staff to review and acknowledge.

  • Enter the date of the next required assessment OR click the 'quick select' button to choose an option.  RTasks will calculate the due date for the next assessment.
  • The nurse can be notified electronically of next assessments due via RTask Login report OR via Notifications or the Status tab in desktop Residex. 
  • You can optionally enter a reason the the next assessment will be completed.