Enter Charges Manually

ResiDex offers several ways to generate a charge for an individual.  When billing, you will have automatically created line items as well as manually-entered items. You may need to manually enter a charge for a new move-in or to charge for items not related to service packages or services. 

A few commonly entered manual charges include:

  • Utility Fees
  • Beauty Shop fees
  • Replacement key charge
  • Guest Meals

Because manual charges are DIRECTLY entered on the "charges" screen, they are not affected by use of the "create" or "recreate" invoice lines option. You will manually enter these charges and, if needed, manually delete them.

Manually Enter Charges:

  • Start at the Billing Tab
  • Click on the "Charges" button

  1. Go to the "Charges For" drop-down list and select the Resident
  2. Click the "New" button at the top of the screen
  3. Enter the charge date
  4. Select the charge type from the option list
  5. Enter a charge description
  6. Enter the quantity
  7. Select the unit (example: days, each, month, or monthly)
  8. Enter or edit the "@" rate
  9. The extended price will automatically be calculated
  10. Optionally enter a note
  11. Select the payer from the option list - Note: it will display all payers in the Fees and Payers "Payer" section
  12. Optionally enter G/L codes and levels if applicable

  • When finished press Save at the top of the screen
  • Continue until all "manual charges" are entered

Mass Enter Charges:

You may want to mass enter charges when the same charge needs to be added to multiple residents.  This will prevent you from having to go into each individual's charge screen, and is useful when charging an activity fee or utilities.  Follow the steps to manually enter charges to a group of residents.

  • From the Billing tab - Click "Alt Charges"

  • Click the "Mass Charge Entry" button

  1. Enter the charge date
  2. Select the charge
  3. Enter the description
  4. Enter the quantity
  5. Enter or edit the rate
  6. Select the unit
  7. The extended price will automatically calculate
  8. Optionally add a note
  9. Select the residents - hold the Ctrl or Shift key and click the names
  10. When finished press OK

  • A message will appear to confirm you want to apply the charge to X# of residents - Press OK
  • Note: If a resident has more than one payer you will get pop up windows to select the payer for that resident

Splitting a Charge Between Residents:

If you wish to enter one charge (example: Utility bill charge) and wish to bill it between everyone in a certain house or apartment, you can use the "Split charge among selected residents" option.  To do this:

  • Follow the instructions above to add charges using the Mass Charge Entry screen
  • Select the option "Split charge among selected residents"

Deleting a Manual Charge:

If a manual charge was entered incorrectly, you can delete the line item:

  • From the billing tab - click the charges button
  • Select the resident from the option list
  • Click on the charge line
  • Click the Delete option on the line item
  • Press OK to confirm you wish to delete the line item