RTasks: Document an Incident

If you have performed the Incident Setup steps in Desktop ResiDex and have User Role - 6 "Incidents",  you will be able to enter incidents using RTasks.  The same Incidents created in desktop Residex for your campus will be available to you in RTasks!

Enter Incidents in RTasks:

  • Login and click "Clinical"
  • Select "Incidents" from the option list

  • Select Report an Incident

  • Edit the date and time if needed
  • Select a category (if applicable: incident; incident - staff)

  • Select an incident type: Fall, Medication error, 911 call - other, etc
  • Select a Resident

Fill in Responses to the Questions:

  1. The * indicates the response is required to save the incident
  2. This field will allow you to type in a response
  3. If you see this field, the user chose to "allow more text" for this question when setting up the Incident Type Detail
  4. Drop down lists are available and the "Staff List" will be displayed on questions set up requiring a staff member be selected
  5. Click on the word "Options" to see a list of multiple choice options


If the incident type allows a body diagram, the user may indicate on the diagram the location of an injury;  this will label the location and allow entry of a description of the type of injury sustained


  • When finished, (optionally) click the "Record vitals after submitting this report" and press Submit.  If the Incident Type (as setup in desktop Residex) requires vital signs, this box will be checked and required.