RTasks: Unscheduled Activities

If your facility is licensed to use ActiviDex and RTasks you can document participation in both scheduled and unscheduled activities. We will explain how to document details of an unscheduled activity and who participated.

  • In RTasks, Click the +More button from the Today Screen

  • Click on the option Unscheduled Activity 
  • Enter the Date and Time
  • Select  the Type of activity and Category from the drop down list (category will provide a default choice)
  • Identify size of the group participating and the Provider
  • Enter the length in minutes of the activity and, (optionally) the location
  • You can save time and enter a description of the activity that will populate in the note field of all who attended
  • You can check that "ALL" attended (and then uncheck those that did not attend) or opt to scroll and check each person who attended.
  • You can also add resident-specific notes in each resident note field.

 There are reports in both desktop Residex and RTasks that show all activities attended by a resident for a specified time frame.