Document an Incident

Incident tracking and monitoring is an important step in quality management and the provision of quality care. Incident tracking in Residex can be completely customized to meet the needs of each facility setting.  Incident reporting can track resident, staff, or visitor-related incidents;  can allow for an initial report of an incident by staff, then a clinical or administrative review by supervisors;  incidents can be linked to a specific employee and provide a feedback loop to create a system of accountability.  The system of notifications and alerts in Residex and RTasks ensure that supervisors are both aware of incidents and have the ability to effectively document the incident to successful resolution of each situation.

How to Record an Incident

  • From the Resident List screen, select Incidents from a resident's Option list

  • This will open the Incident History for this resident. 
  • To begin recording a new Incident, press the New button at the top of the screen (or press Control N on your keyboard)
  • Incident Type: Select the type of Incident you are tracking from the drop-down list
  • The top of an Incident will look like this:

  • Date & Time: Edit the Date if needed, and for Time enter when this Incident occurred
  • Recorded By: This will default to your name. If someone else originally recorded this Incident (on paper, for example) change this field to that person's name.
  • Body Diagram and Vital Signs: These items may or may not appear (and may be required or optional) depending on your Incident settings. Charting Body Diagrams and charting Vital Signs is quick and easy!
  • Answer all questions relating to the Incident
  • When finished, press Save and optionally print the Incident summary.
  • You may require a Clinical Review or supervisory review of incidents be performed;  this is entered in a similar fashion.