Admit a New Resident

Residex offers users a way to easily capture important resident  data and details prior to or at move-in, creating a comprehensive  resident profile!

It is important to note that Residex offers some time-saving features that simplify data entry in certain situations:

No additional data entry is required required!

To Enter a new Resident in ResiDex

  • From the Home tab, press the New button at the top of the screen OR Control-N on your keyboard.
  • Depending on your database settings, you may be asked to record information about referral sources and where the resident is transferring from.  In this case,  enter the appropriate information. These fields are optional, so you can skip them if needed.
  • Press the New Resident button. This will take you to a new Resident Profile screen.

A Resident's Profile screen is where all their personal information will be maintained. To save a new resident in ResiDex, you must at minimum fill in all of the fields with Bold Titles (shown below). You can complete the profile screen now, or return to add details later, but the fields with Bold Titles must have values recorded before you can save the Resident Profile.

Required Fields

Start Day (/ Time)

  • Enter the resident's move-in date. If you enter a future date, the resident's status will be changed from "Active" to "Reserved" - they will become active on the the start date.
  • Note: Pressing the Tab on your keyboard will fill in today's date. You can also click in the field to view a calendar and select the desired date, or you can type the appropriate date.
  • If this section is titled Start Day / Time (instead of just Start Day), this means your organization requires you to record the time this resident is moving in as well as the date they're moving in. In this case, please enter a move in time, including "AM" or "PM."


  • If you have more than one community at your campus (e.g., Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care), please select the community this resident will be moving into.

Room OR Address

  • Select the room number this resident will be moving into. If you choose a room number that is already assigned to someone else, a notification will pop up - You won't be prevented from assigning multiple residents to one unit, but you will get this notification as a reminder that this room is currently occupied!

Case Manager

  • The Case Manager field is a list of all the nurses in your staff that have been entered into ResiDex, as well as  entries into the Case Manager Option List. In some configurations, "Self" or "Family" may be options as well.

Gender & Marital

  • Specify the resident's gender and marital status.

Code Status

  • This required field is set to "CPR" by default. Be sure to update this field if the resident has a different code status.

Once all required fields have been entered, you can press the Save button at the top of the screen, or can press Control-S on your keyboard. This resident is now saved and will show up in your resident list!

Entering a New Resident - Video Tutorial