Service Overview

Resident services assigned to providers are the very core of caregiving. In ResiDex, services  scheduled for a specified time and specified provider can can contain all the details needed to ensure the needs of the resident are being met.

Entering Resident services in ResiDex allows users to create an electronic record of all services provided.  ResiDex E-charting tools (RTasks) makes recapping those services quick and easy.  From services entered,  ResiDex will automatically generate service schedules, Daily Assignment sheets, Service charts, numerous reports, and populate billing details.

Simply entering services for a resident can generate:

Resident Agreement- ResiDex offers a fully-customizable Service Agreement, into which the listing of resident services (and, optionally, the details of those services) can populate. 

Assignment Sheets and other Reports-The Daily Assignment Sheet is a report displaying all assigned services for a given caregiver, including scheduled times and service details.  If charting using a paper-based system, users may print a variety of worksheets and reports on which staff can document meds and services.

Many additional ResiDex Reports are available that summarize the information recorded here, including Services Scheduled, Service Recap Summary, Provider Services, Meds and Services Sheet, Planned Services, Resident Profile, Service Summary, and more.

E-Charting: RTasks- RTasks is ResiDex's browser-based E-Charting tool.  RTasks enables providers to view and document services assigned to them, in "real time"-- and much more!

Billing-Whether you bill fee-for-service, by Care Package, or something in-between, documenting services performed can automatically generate charges in resident accounts.


Entering a Service - Video Tutorial