Favorite Reports

The Reports tab in ResiDex has a "Favorites" feature that operates like a file cabinet for all of your report folders.  We provide the file cabinet and you create the folders that will hold one or more reports!  This allows you to organize and easily locate those reports that best meet your needs. 

Folder Options:

There are two options when creating folders: a campus favorite folder or a global favorite folder. A "campus" favorite folder will only be visible in the current campus. A "global" favorite folder will be visible in every campus in your database.

Creating Folders:

  • Find a report you frequently use and
  • RIGHT click on the report name
  • Select "Add to Global Report Favorites" or "Add to Campus Reports Favorites"
  • Select a folder from the drop down list OR press the "+" button to add a new folder

How to use "Favorite Folders":

  • Start at the "Reports" tab
  • Use the "Drop down" option to view available folders
  • Select a folder to see the contents
  • Click on the report you want to run
  • Select any report criteria needed and press the "Go" button to run the report

Removing Items from a Favorite Folder:

  • From the Reports "Favorite" folder click on the red arrow to the left of a report
  • Click on the option to "Take off Global Reports Favorite" or "Take off Campus Reports Favorites" as applicable