Flow Sheets

Flow Sheets are a useful tool to paper-chart needed information such as hourly outputs, housekeeping tasks, or other details. ResiDex makes generating custom flow sheets simple!

We break Flow Sheets into 2 categories the (basic) Flow Sheet and the Alternate Flow Sheet. Both are used to chart the same types of info, but are formatted differently. For instance, the “Alternate Flow Sheet” shows more detailed instructions & can list one item multiple times a day.

Creating any Flow Sheet does not create a Service. Flow Sheet charting reminders/instructions will NOT appear on in Daily Assignments or other Reports, or on our E-Charting tools. To include Flow Sheet charting in these places, you will need to add a Service.

Charting on Flow Sheets / Alternate Flow Sheets

All types of Flow Sheets will display shaded and non-shaded days; non-shaded / blank dates are the days charting is to be done. Shaded dates display when charting isn’t required.

Additionally, every day of the month previous to the day you print a Flow Sheet will be shaded as well, to keep from charting for days past. For instance, if you print a Flow Sheet on the 15th of a month, every day before the 15th will be shaded to prevent charting on those dates.

Create a (basic) Flow Sheet

  • From the Resident List on the Home tab, select "Flow Sheets" from the drop-down list next to a resident's name.
  • Press the New button to start entering a new item to track on this resident's Flow Sheet.

Page & Sort

The Page and Sort fields determine how and in what order your Flow Sheets shall display items.

  • Page: Enter a different Page number for each item to be displayed on seperately. Enter the same Page number for each item you want displayed together!
  • Page: Items with "1" in the page field will be displayed on the first page, "2" on the second, etc.
  • Sort: determines the order items are listed on a page. Sort "1" is the first item listed on it's page, "2" will be second, etc.
  • Pagination & Sort order can be updated at any time by editing Page & Sort fields.

Days & Start Date

The Days and Start fields determine how frequently items on your flow sheets are to be charted, and when that charting begins.

  • Days determines when an item will is to be charted. The default value is Daily (meaning, charting would be required every day.) Edit this by clicing on the calendar icon under "Days."
  • Start is the first date an item should be charted.

After you've entered values for all of the fields of an item, press Save. You can record as many Flow Sheet items as you like, by repeating this process for each item.

You can print a Flow Sheet from Snap Reports on a resident's Flow Sheets screen, or by selecting "Flow Sheet" on the Reports tab.

Create an Alternate Flow Sheet

Alternate Flow Sheets track only one item per sheet, but you can have multiple Flow items, each with their own Alternate Flow Sheet. The New button will create new Alternate Flow Sheets; The arrows at the bottom left of the screen let navigate through & edit existing Alternate Flow Sheets.

  • From the Resident List on the Home tab, select "Alternate Flow Sheets" from the drop-down list next to a resident's name. Press New to get started.

Flow Item & Days

  • Enter the charting item's title as Days values just as you would for the basic Flow Sheet


  • Enter special instructions / details in the Description field. Anything in Description will show on the Alternate Flow Sheet report.


  • Another major difference from the basic Flow Sheet: you can specify multiple times a day Flow Item data is to be charted. Specify your own times, or by press the “Auto-Enter a Set of Times” Button. After specifying your Times, press Save, and you're done!

You can print an Alternate Flow Sheet from Snap Reports on the Alternate Flow Sheets screen, or from the Reports tab by selecting “Flow Sheet –Alternate”


Flow Sheets - Video Tutorial