Goal - Service Detail Tracking

Goal tracking allows users to document specific details about progress toward goals. When goal tracking is set up for any given service, staff will be able to document up to three questions-- for example, the number of prompts by staff, the level of performance, and/or if the goal was met. To turn on goal tracking, a user must have Role 18 - Global Service List.

Activate Goal Tracking:

  • From Desktop ResiDex click on the Setup Tab
  • Click on Service List (from the list on the left) and Global Job (Service) List from the options on the right
  • Add a new service or click on a service to turn on "goal" tracking

  1. Click the "Tracking" check box
  2. Enter up to three questions
  3. Select the response option list.  The option "Fill in the blank" will allow users to type in a response

  • Note: If you wish to see what is in the response list, click on the magnifying glass and the detail will display

Charting Goals:

  • In RTasks, goals will be tracked on the Today screen with any other service - click on the service and use the drop down list to select the correct response