Health Info

The Health Info screen allows entry of information regarding a resident's health care resources, including:

  • Health Care Providers (Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, etc.),
  • Pharmacy / Other Resources
  • Health Plan Information

Note: To enter/edit information on the Health Info screen, a ResiDex user will need Staff Role 1 - ResiDex Data Entry 

Doctors & other health care providers

Entering the details of a resident's health care providers once will allow fast and easy access to that provider in other screens:  when creating a Referral or MD Order, when specifying the physician from the med entry screen, and when creating key reports.

Enter a resident's MD / other providers:

  • Select a Provider in the MD/Provider option list, or

Add a new MD / provider to the available options

  • Click on a blank line and press "+"
  • Fill in the name of the new MD / provider
  • Select or click "+" to add a new type
  • Select or click "+" to add the clinic

Please Note: If the provider has a private practice and is not associated with a clinic you can use the "No Clinic" option.  Using this option will require you to enter the phone number in the "Contact Numbers" field.

Edit a Provider

  • Click on a selected provider
  • Click the "Edit" button
  • Edit the information as needed

Please Note: To edit the clinic, follow the same process, but click the edit/eye glasses by the clinic name.  Editing a Provider OR Clinic will update  every resident or provider associated with that record.  You will be alerted to how many records were changed.

Search for a Provider from the Health Info Screen

  • Double click on a blank line
  • Enter the Name, Type, or Clinic
  • Click Select to choose the provider or Close

Health Plan

The Health Plan section of a resident's profile allows you to record details about whatever health plan(s) a resident may have.

Record a resident's Health Plan(s)

  • Select the Health Plan Name
  • Enter the required information in the "Plan/Program #" field (You can enter "Not Provided" or "N/A" if you don't have that information
  • Enter additional information if provided

Add or Edit the available list of health plans on the Health Info screen

  • From the Setup tab, search for "Health"
  • Select "Health Plan Providers (Insurance)
  • Click "New" to add a new health plan or just edit the line of an existing health plan
  • When you are finished, close the screen.

Pharmacy / Other Resources

The Pharmacy section of the Health Info screen allows you to record a resident's pharmacy as well as other health resources such as durable medical equipment providers, transportation resources, other home health providers, etc.... 

Assign a pharmacy or resource to a resident

  • Select a pharmacy or resource from the drop down list or press the + to add it to the list

Add to the list of available pharmacies or resources

  • After clicking the "+" button
  • Enter the information - The bold fields are required
  • Close the screen

Edit a pharmacy or resource details

  • Click a line that has a pharmacy name selected
  • Click the "edit" button to the right of the pharmacy name
  • Edit the information as needed and close the screen
  • Notes can be added to provide further detail

OR (alternate method)

  • From the Setup tab, Search for and Select "Pharmacies"
  • Find and edit the pharmacy information as needed

Entering Health Provider Information - Video Tutorial