Importing a Resident

If your facility has multiple campuses or settings, you may wish to move a resident from one campus to another.  This process is called "Importing a Resident".  You will only see this option if you have more than one campus (this does not include the "Test Campus").

Importing a resident from one campus to another creates a copy of a resident in the new campus, along with much of the resident's data such as: services, meds, notes, contacts. The resident being imported *is not* removed from the original campus. This allows all of the data for this resident within the original campus to be preserved.

Note: To Import a Resident, a user will need Staff Role #11 - Manager

Import a resident

  • From the Home tab of the campus the resident is moving into, select the "Import Resident" button

  1. Enter the new "Start of Care" date
  2. Select a campus they are moving FROM
  3. Select the Resident
  4. Select the Community they are moving to
  5. Select the unit/room number they are moving into
  6. Press OK when finished

  • A message will appear, "Import the assessment?".  Press OK to copy over any assessment data that would be in sync with the new campus
  • A confirmation message will appear with a prompt to review/update any information such as service providers and medications

Please note: the process of importing a resident will NOT discharge the resident from their original campus. You will need to discharge the resident from their original campus.