Incident Dashboard

ResiDex's Incident Dashboard allows you to quickly view an overview of details and statistics about resident incidents that have occurred within your organization!

Note - A ResiDex user will need Staff Role "11 - Manager" to view the Dashboard.

The Dash Tab

Assuming you have the required permissions, you are able to view the Incident Dashboard on the "Dash" tab. Once here, you can view and sort your incidents in a number of ways.


On the left side of the Dash tab you will find a set of filters that will allow you to sort your data in various ways. The filters you select will determine what incident data is presented in the center column of the screen.

  • Incidents - Open - shows you all incidents that have been recorded in ResiDex, but that haven't yet been reviewed by an administrator
  • Incidents - Overview - shows All incidents (open & closed)
  • Incidents - Serious - will show you only incidents types that your organization has specified as a "serious."
  • The Date Range section allows you to view all incidents that have occurred within a specific time-frame of your choosing.
  • The Campuses section - allows you to specify which campuses from your organization you want to view incidents for. If you have more than one campus in your organization, you can view incidents across all of them, or a specific subset of your choosing

Incident Results

The results displayed in the center column will change dynamically as you adjust your filter settings. The results will all have counts and percentages of incidents occurring within your parameters - at a glance, you can see which of your selected campuses have had what percentage of your total number of incidents. From here you can drill down deeper for more information: clicking on a campus listed in the center will open up two additional sections with breakdowns of the incidents at that particular location.

The column on the right will dynamically display several types of statistics for a campus selected in the center column - The right column can display types of incidents, time of day of incident occurrence, or answers to individual questions on the incident reports. Whichever option you select, you will see a count and percentage breakdown of the results. You can also choose view a the results from the right-column in chart form if you wish.

The bottom of the screen will show all recorded incidents for your selected campus, along with some of their general details for each incident. The Bottom section can be further filtered by selecting an option from the right column. You can select any incident from the bottom section and quickly view and/or print an incident report for a particular incident to view the full report.


The ResiDex Incident Dashboard is a powerful tool that you can use to very quickly dive down into your organization’s incident history on a general level, or on a very specific level to get very detailed useful analysis out of your organization’s incident history.

Incident Dashboard - Video Tutorial