Limited Reports Access

ResiDex allows administrators to restrict staff member’s access to certain areas in ResiDex by assigning or not assigning certain user roles. The user roles not only limits what screens the user can access, but also the reports that display in the "Reports" tab. There are times when a user with "Read Only" roles, or very limited roles needs to access and print reports that require additional ResiDex permissions. You do NOT need to grant additional ResiDex roles to allow access to reports.

When this is setup, a user can go to the "Reports Tab". They can use the drop down list under "Favorites". They will see all the favorite report categories they were granted permission to. They will be able to select and print any report that is in the specified folder(s).

A less-restricted user will see all of the reports they would normally see, but they could select favorite categories from the drop-down menu.

The method of granting access to reports will first require putting the reports into a "Favorite Folder" and secondly, granting user access to the favorite folder.

Adding a Report to a "Favorite Folder"

  • From the Reports Tab, search for a specific report
  • Right click on the name of the report
  • Select Add to Global Report Favorites
  • Select the favorite folder from the drop down list or click + to add a new folder
  • Press the Save button

Granting Access to the Reports

  • Go to the "Staff Tab"
  • Click the “Go” Button next to the staff name
  • Press the “Staff Roles” Button at the bottom of the screen; this will open the Staff –Set Roles screen
  • Press the “Report Favorites” Button at the top of the screen; This opens the Staff Report Favorites screen.
  • Select the Report Favorites category you wish this staff member to have access to (One or More)
  • Close the screen