Limited Resident Access

ResiDex's "Limited View of Residents" feature allows certain staff to have RTask access limited to only one or a few residents. This is helpful if you have an outside agency that needs to view information or chart services for individuals, but for whom you would not want to give access to all residents.  Examples might include hospice workers, consultant physicians, therapists, or Medicare/skilled nursing providers.  This can be managed either from desktop Residex or RTasks.

Note:  To ensure compliance with aspects of the HIPAA Privacy Act, each provider should be added to the Staff list by personal name, not as a "XYZ Hospice" provider or "ABC Clinic", even if they represent the same agency or clinic.  Each person should be entered as staff and create their own unique login. Some users may opt to create a provider type 'consultant' that will differentiate these users from staff.   To add a provider type, contact Residex support staff.

From Desktop Residex:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - start at the Staff Tab
  • Click the Go Button to open the Staff Profile Screen
  • Click Staff Roles on the bottom left of the screen
  • Select either "Can Access All Residents" or "Limit to Specified Residents"

  • Click on the Box beneath this to display the screen from which you can select the specific residents you wish to give access to

  • Close the screen when finished and the screen will display which resident(s) the staff can view

From RTasks:

  • Go to the Staff Screen in RTasks and select the staff person
  • Click on the 'Security' icon
  • From the Security screen, scroll down to select 'Resident Data Access'

This reveals the following access settings for this staff member:

Select the following:

  • General access (to all residents) vs. specific access to selected residents (1)
  • Select the residents to whom the staff member should have access (2)
  • Review roles/permissions that the employee holds (if desired) (3)

How it Works:


  • Staff log into RTasks and Select a Provider
  • The list of services will display only residents for whom the staff person has been given access.


  • When selecting resident names on reports only those residents the staff can view will appear
  • When NON-resident specific reports display information, only those resident(s) the staff can access will appear