Completing Assessments

An Assessment must be marked complete before it is considered closed.  Because CliniDex only allows users to have only one Assessment open for a resident at a time, one must complete an Assessment by marking it complete before starting another.

Marking an Assessment Complete

Once you have addressed each of the Assessment Categories in an Assessment, you can mark that Assessment complete by pressing the “Mark Complete” button on the top of the Assessment Screen. The user may opt not to address all categories during a given assessment;  this is permitted, although a warning will popup alerting the user that there are categories not addressed.  Categories with an "*" next to the item are required to be addressed (the response or a note must be added or updated before closing out the assessment).

Once the “Mark Complete” Button is pressed, the assessment will report the current date as the date of completion.  If the nurse wishes to add a note of explanation to a date (such as if the resident had been hospitalized, or was unavailable for assessment) a note can be entered under the Options menu / Assessment Overview screen (see below).

Once marked complete, you will be asked when the next assessment for this Resident will be due;  select either the appropriate time interval (30 day, 90 day, etc...) or manually select or enter the preferred date,  then press “OK.” This will generate an Assessment Notification later, when the next Assessment's due date is nearing.

You may then be asked if you wish to print the assessment.  Because signature requirements vary by state, you may opt to print the assessment and sign, or may opt to have an electronic signature applied. 

After the assessment is closed, the date, who conducted the assessment, the description, and the reason may be edited by navigating to the Resident Assessment Overview Screen in the Options menu for that resident.  The nurse may also add a short note containing additional information (such as reason for a late entry) from this screen.