Edit Services: Mass Move

Users may need to reschedule, reassign, or discontinue multiple services for a resident (for instance, due to a resident move).  Our "Mass Move" tool will allow you to do so easily and efficiently!

Instead of editing services individually, Mass Move will allow you to quickly select a group of services to assign/reassign to a different time, different provider,  OR to discontinue multiple services.

Mass Move Services

  • Go to a resident's service list
  • Click on a service; hold the Shift or Control key on your computer and continue to click to select multiple services (selecting residents that will share a common assignment time or provider).
  • On the pop up window that appears, select either the option "Change Services" or "Discontinue Services"

Change Services

  1. Enter the new provider if applicable
  2. Enter the new service time if needed
  3. Select the days to set all days to the same day if needed
  4. Press OK when you are done 

All the services will be changed to the same day, time and/or provider

Discontinue Services:

  1. Click the end date field
  2. Select the date on the calendar
  3. Press OK

All the services will be ended based on the effective date