MD Orders: Notifications

The ResiDex "MD Order Form"was created to meet the requirement for a physician to certify or re-certify that services for a resident are needed. The physician will authorize the services for a timeframe (typically a year) by signing the MD Order form.  We have created some notifications to assist with maintaining compliance that the certifications are sent on time and the signatures have been received.

To use the following notifications you can follow the instructions on the "Notification" document to select or de-select notifications. For instructions on creating an MD Order please review our document on MD Orders.

All of the below notifications that are labeled "MY..." will display residents that the logged in user is named the "Case Manager" for in the Resident Profile Screen.  To learn more about Case Manager options please review our "Case Manager" documentation.

MD Orders Due Notifications Based on Service:

Prior to February 2014 we had two MD Order notifications:

  • My MD Orders now named My MD Order Reminder - (Old approach)
  • MD Order Reminders now named MD Order Reminders - (Old approach)

These two notifications were generated based on the "MD ORDER SERVICE EFFECTIVE DATE"  entered in the resident service plan screen. 

We found this was not the most reliable option, due to the fact that if a staff member did not create the MD order SERVICE, the notification would not be generated.  Even with our "auto create service" option turned on, a user could still "cancel" the service entry.

We also found that an MD Order Service could be added WITHOUT an MD Order Form being created.  This would create inconsistencies.  

MD Orders based on Certification End Date:

  • MD Order - Certification End Date
  • My MD Orders-Cert End Date

These two options are recommended because the notifications would be based on the actual MD Order created.  

MD Orders - Not Created:

This notification is very helpful because it will show all active residents who do not have any MD Orders created.  Once an MD order is created, the resident name will no longer display on this list and the due date for the next one will display in the MD Order - Certification End Date or My MD Order - Cert End Date notification.

Suppressing MD Order Notification Per Resident:

NOTE: Suppressing and Unsuppressing MD Order notifications will also suppress/unsuppress Supervisory visit notifications.

If an active resident no longer needs MD orders sent, you can "suppress" the notification from showing on the MD Orders Based on Certification End Date.  To suppress the MD order notification for a specific resident follow these instructions:

  • Open the resident MD order screen
  • Click the "Suppress" button at top of the screen

  • Press OK to the prompt informing it will stop the MD order notifications

Unsuppressing MD Order Notifications:

  • Open the resident MD order screen
  • Click the "Unsuppress" button at the top of the screen

  • Press OK to restore the MD order notification

Transitioning From Notifications based on Service VS. Certification End Date:

  • Edit your notifications to include the MD orders based on the certification end date
  • Add the "MD Orders Not Created" notification
  • Go to the Setup Tab - Campus Configuration Screen
  • Select the category: MD
  • Find the option: MD Orders - Auto create MD Order Services and select the value "No"
  • You will receive a prompt that this will discontinue all MD order services: Press OK