MD Order Snippets

Another use of the "Snippet" feature is to quickly create an MD order summary or allow quick entry of a set of Standing Orders. Create the snippet of text once and it is available to select and incorporate into MD Orders that are created.  

Alternatively, standing orders can be added to resident med lists as a Med Set, which will be automatically added to the list of resident meds in the MD Orders. 

Create a Snippet from MD Order Entry Screen:

  • When entering an MD order, click the Snippets button

  1. Click - Add
  2. Enter a Title - for example: Diabetic Care Plan or Standing Orders (Note: This title is not printed in the MD order summary Section)
  3. Enter the Text

Select a Snippet

  • Click the Snippets button when creating a new MD Order
  • Click Select by any snippet that applies to this individual

Edit a Snippet

  • Click the Snippets button
  • Click Edit
  • Edit the details on any snippet

Delete a Snippet

  • Click Snippets button
  • Click Edit
  • Click the "Record Selector" (Gray bar to the left of the select button)
  • Press the delete key on your keyboard

Create an MD Order Snippet from the Setup Tab

Alternatively, you can create the snippet by going to the Setup tab and creating it there:

  • In Desktop ResiDex go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for Snippet
  • Select the option on the right Snippets (with Titles)

  1. Select the type MD Order
  2. On the blank line enter a Title
  3. Enter the Snippet text - Note: to enter a new line hold the down the keyboard Ctrl key and press Enter