MD Orders and Certification

MD Orders create a comprehensive document that includes client medications, allergies, diagnoses, services, etc...  for physicians to review and certify with a signature. Requirements for physician review/certification can vary by state.  Minnesota, for instance, requires review and re-certification at least annually. Therefore, nurses may opt to create and send them at least annually-- but in actuality, they may choose to  send a new MD order after a lengthy hospitalization, client change of condition, or if they want to ensure facility records are in line with the physician's clinic records.  

MD orders can be added both from desktop Residex, as described below, or entered from RTasks.


Enter an MD Order in Desktop Residex

  • From a Resident Profile screen "Option List" (orange box) select MD Orders

  • Click the "New" button at the top of the screen


  1. MD Field: Select the MD if different than the one displayed. Additional MDs can be added in the  Health Info screen
  2. Initial Orders: If this is the first MD order entered in ResiDex the resident start of care will display
  3. Re-certification period start: The resident's admit date OR day after the previous MD order expired will display - edit if needed
  4. Re-certification period end: Defaults in for 1 year period - edit if needed
  5. Summary (optional): Enter any relevant notes you may have.  

NOTE: To streamline data entry, you may wish to use Snippets to assist in quickly creating a summary or adding standing orders (if your facility uses these).

  • Press Save when finished.

After saving an MD Order, depending on your ResiDex configuration, you MAY automatically be prompted to print the MD Orders report.  If so, press OK and the report will be sent directly to your default printer. If not, follow the below steps to print the report at your convenience.

Printing MD Orders:

  • From the MD Orders screen, select the most recent MD Order (if not selected already).
  • Print the "MD Orders" Report from the Snap Reports menu.

MD Order Notifications:

Notification Category: Clinical

  • MD Order Certification End Date-- alerts nurses prior to the end date of the certification period
  • My MD Order Certification End Date-- alerts only the person named as Case Manager

Notification Category: Signatures

  • MD Order Signatures Needed
  • My MD Order Signatures Needed (only for those who are designated "Case Manager")

This notification uses the check box/date on the MD Order screen. When you receive a signed order, click on the MD order and click the "Signature Received" box and enter the received date.

MD Order Review:

To get an overview for all residents at a given campus and their MD order status, you can use the MD Order Review screen.