Dispose Medication

There are a number of reasons staff may need to document a medication has been disposed of: the med was  discontinued by the MD; it was released to the resident; the med expired; the resident was discharged; or the medication was spilled, dropped, or spoiled.

Whatever the reason, it is best to document the disposal or destruction of any medication not administered to the resident under your care.

Dispose of a Medication in ResiDex

  • Go to the resident's Medication Screen
  • Click on the "Dispose" button

Enter or Select the details for the Medication

  1. The top area will display previously disposed medications
  2. Select the Physician (if more than one is entered)
  3. Select the Pharmacy (if more than one is entered)
  4. Enter the Rx number (optional)
  5. Fill out the information in the lower section: Date, Reason, Meaning, Quantity, Nurse who disposed, Witness
  6. When finished press "Mark as Disposed" 

Note: If you would like to turn on a verification for the "witness" you can turn on the campus configuration option: Med Disposition: Require Password w/ 2nd signature. This would display a pop up window for the second staff to enter their password before the medication is mark as disposed.

Med Disposition Report

After you dispose of meds and record med disposal in ResiDex, you can select the "Snap Report" called "Medication Disposition".  This report will display ALL medications that have been marked as disposed for this resident

You can also run a report from the "Reports" tab.  Search for "Disposition" in the reports tab and you can run:

  • Medication Disposition - This will be the medication disposition for one resident
  • Medication Disposition - by Date Range - All residents with medications disposed during the selected dates
  • Medication Disposition - Last 30 days - All medications for the selected resident disposed in the last 30 days.