Med Entry: Basic Simplified

Entering Resident medications in ResiDex allows users to maintain a digital record of resident medications, simplifies documentation of administration (either on paper MAR or by E-Charting), and allows users to easily include medication lists into a number of helpful reports.

Enter a basic medication:

  • Open a resident's Meds screen by pressing the Meds button at the bottom of the Resident Profile
  • Press the New button

Note: For the following steps you can navigate through each field by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard, or with your mouse.

  1. Start typing the name of the medication then (optionally) use the drop down arrow to select
  2. Enter the Start date and time of the medication - Note the start TIME will be 12 AM - enter a later time if the medication starts in the afternoon/evening
  3. Enter the End date and time (the Days (field 4) will automatically be calculated) OR
  4. Enter the number of days the medication is to be given (the End (field 3) will automatically be calculated) - edit the end time if applicable
  5. Specify the medication type: Scheduled or As Needed
  6. Enter the Strength (ex: 300)
  7. Select the unit of measure (ex: mg)
  8. Select the route (ex: by mouth)
  9. Edit the Days option if needed (Ex: every 2 days or Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monthly)
  10. Edit the information of who will setup the medication
  11. Edit the information of who will assist or administer the medication (will drive what appears on the E-Mar feature)
  12. Enter the indications or click the indications box to see if the medication has usage/purpose details you can select
  13. Enter the Med Directions (optional for scheduled medications but required for as needed medications)

Med Times:

After the fields above are entered, the "med times" fields will become visible. Enter the times following the instructions below or use Simplified medication times as outlined in our Medication Simplified Times document.

Enter the med administration time and select a provider who will perform the service.

Please be aware: If the start TIME for the medication is AFTER the medication time, the medication will NOT be populated on the start date.

Managing Med Times/Providers:

Once you have selected the provider for the medication time, you can quickly update the providers by using the "Med Times" button.

  • Click on a medication and click the Med Times button

  1. Click Update Schedule
  2. Edit the time if applicable - this will change for every medication scheduled at that time
  3. Select / Edit the Provider if needed
  4. Select if you want this change effective today or tomorrow
  5. Press: Reassign

  • A confirmation will appear confirming it will change X number of medication assignments - press OK
  • When the screen closes, the new provider will be displayed

Optional Fields:

Note: The following fields are visible after turning on the campus configuration options.

  • RX # - Enter the perscription number of the medication
  • MD: Select the MD who ordered the medication from the resident's list of providers in the Health Info screen
  • Pharmacy: Specify a pharmacy for this med (Optional)
  • + Mar Lines: Only applicable on paper mars

Helpful Hints:

  • Use the "Find" button to search for Trade and Generic meds containing the characters typed in the med field