Med Entry: Monthly

Medications, at times, are ordered to be given monthly on a specified day of the month.  Residex med entry can accommodate this requirement.

Enter a Monthly Med:

  • After selcting "Monthly" click the "OK" button

Med Times:

After the fields above are entered, the "med times" fields will become visible. Enter the times following the instructions below or use Simplified medication times as outlined in our Medication Simplified Times document. Enter the medication times AND one of the two fields.

  • Option 1: Enter the "Day of the Month" - if the med is given multiple days in the month - add one day on each line

  • Option 2: Select a "Special" option - if the medication is to be given multiple times, select one item on each line as needed

Important Note:

If your database has an option to "Auto create services" turned on, you may see a pop up to add the med service.  It is VERY important to pay careful attention to the details when adding a related service.  Monthly services are based on the EFFECTIVE Date.

  • When the auto create service screen appears - select the service and provider
  • EDIT THE DATE to match the "Day" of the month the med is to be given

  • Note this is ONLY applicable if the resident does not have any other medications to be administered at that time