Med Entry: Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale Insulin entry and documentation can be easily done in Residex.  

Entering a Sliding Scale Insulin:

When entering a sliding scale insulin medication, follow the same instructions as you would to enter a basic medication.  The difference will be noticed when you enter the dosage. What you enter in the dosage field will depend on your needs. Here is an example as seen in the image below (A):

  • Dosage box 1 = Sliding Scale
  • Dosage box 2 = Units
  • Dosage box 3 = Specified
  • Dosage box 4 = Units

Continue adding the medication as normal and enter the detailed "Sliding Scale Order Set" in the medication "Special Instructions" field. (B)

If you have the "Campus Configuration" option "Show three additional lines on MAR" option turned on, you will have a place to enter labels for the lines (C)

How this looks on the "Med Sheets" report:

The report "Med Sheets" is a commonly used monthly "MAR".  Below is a sample of what this medication would look like on this report.  This sample shows how the above configuration  "Show three additional lines on MAR" would display.