Medication Setup

The Med Setup field will indicate who sets up the medication. If you select "Nurse" in the setup option, the medication will show up on reports like the "Med Setup Sheet Nurse".

Specify the Setup Option

To specify the a Medication Setup option, simply select an item from the Med Setup drop-down option list on the Med details for a particular medication on the Resident Meds screen.

If you specify that a Nurse is responsible for medication setup, you would want to add a service so the "Med Setup" service will appear on the Daily Assignments, the Today Screen and RTasks.

Add a Setup Option

  • From the Setup tab select "Meds, Diagnoses, Diet" from the menu on the left, then select "Medication Setup Options" from the sub-menu on the right.
  • Add additional Med Setup options as you need, by pressing the New button. Press Save when you're done, and close the screen. That's it!