Medication Sent Out of Facility

There may be times when a resident is away on leave  from the facility and their medication(s) must be prepared and sent  along. RTasks has a way to specify which medications have been sent and provide a summary report of those medications.  The report can provide guidance to family or the responsible party in the administration of medications during the absence.

Medications Sent Out of the Facility:

  • Log into RTasks and use the Clinical option list
  • Select: Medications sent out of facility

  • Complete the information requested:

  1. Select the date range
  2. Select the Resident name from the drop down option list
  3. Optionally search for a specific medication
  4. Optionally toggle the sort order the medications are displayed
  5. Either select ALL  (and all the instances of that med will be checked) or each instance of administration.  They are then flagged as "being sent out of the facility".  Note:  when they are flagged as being sent out, staff may no longer administer those doses in the Today screen.

When all meds to be sent from the facility have been documented in this way, you may click the "Print Report" button to create a summary.

  • The above is a sample of what you will see when you click "Print Report"

Resident Return

If the resident returns early from leave, the nurse or supervisor is able to return to this screen and "uncheck" any doses returned with the resident.  Unchecking these boxes will make the meds available to be administered again by facility staff.