Medication Sets

Medication sets are groups of medications (such as Standing Orders) that can be grouped/customized by the facility to enter for any resident with just a few clicks. A facility can choose to have one or more "Med Sets".  This article explains how to create or edit medication sets.

To manage Medication Sets, a user must have Role 19 - Medications and Diagnoses.

Creating/Editing a Medication Set:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - Start at the Setup Tab and search for "Med"
  • Select the option on the right "Medication Sets"
  • The screen will appear where you can enter/edit a name for the medication set (1)
  • When the name is setup - click "Show Detail" (2)

Show Detail Screen:

  1. Select the medication from the drop down list - the list is populated from the Global Medication List 
  2. Enter the strength/dosage/unit information (2A through 2D)
  3. Select the route
  4. Specify the frequency
  5. Enter the "Up To Times/Day" information
  6. Enter the indications
  7. Type any special instructions for the medication
  8. Select the "Report To Nurse" option (only visible/applicable if you do not have E-MARs turned on)


If entering a Med Set for Standing Orders, note that all Standing Orders will appear on the report MD Orders.  If users prefer not to list all standing orders on Referrals, select the Campus Configuration option "Suppress Standing Order from Referral".