Medication Recap Snippets

Medication snippets are used with the "E-Mar" function in RTasks. Creation of these snippets will allow users to more quickly enter a note while documenting a med administration in RTasks. Snippets might be used to document  injection sites, topical patch locations, and pain scales.

Set Up "Med Recap" Snippets

Contact the ResiDex support team to create your med snippet options.  Our staff would be happy to assist.

Assign Snippet Types to Medications:

When adding the medication in RTasks, simply click the "Administration Note" option and select the type of dropdown options you'd like your staff to select from

How to use Medication Recap Snippets:

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click on any "Medication assist" service
  • Click on a medication and click the word "Snippets"
  • Select the snippet from the option list or type a note in the field