Medication Recap Snippets

Medication snippets are used with the "E-Mar" function in RTasks; they allow users to more quickly enter a note while documenting a med administration in RTasks. Snippets might be used to document  injection sites, topical patch sites, and pain scales.

Set Up "Med Recap" Snippets

  • From the Setup tab in Desktop ResiDex - search for "Snippet"
  • Select Med Recap Snippets from the option on the right

  1. Select a snippet type from the option list
  2. Type/edit the snippet text to add appropriate detail when documenting

Assign Snippet Types to Medications:

  • From Desktop ResiDex medication screen - click on a medication
  • From the "Require Note" option, select an item from the list to require a note and provide specific snippets appropriate to that medication
  • Selecting a snippet type  still allows for "free text typing" in the note field in RTasks
  • Selecting "Required" will require a note (while not displaying an option list)
  • Note: Declined/Missed snippets are available on ALL medications

How to use Medication Recap Snippets:

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click on any "Medication assist" service
  • Click on a medication and click the word "Snippets"
  • Select the snippet from the option list or type a note in the field