The ResiDex notifications tool is helpful because it will automatically provide reminders and alerts to users upon login. Each user can specify which notifications they want to have displayed and the "number of days out" to display.

The notifications available for you to select during the setup process will depend on your ResiDex user roles.

Setting up Notifications:

  • Click on the Notifications icon on the Quick Access Tool Bar

  • Click Options

  1. Select a "Category" from the right
  2. Click on a notification in the "Available Notification" list
  3. Click the > button to move it to the "My Selected Notifications" list

Editing the Days out To Display:

Many of the notifications are looking into the future to pull due dates. If you want to edit how far out you will be alerted to a due date, you can edit the days out to display by:

  • Clicking on a notification in the "My Selected Notification"
  • On the right side of the screen - Edit the "Days out to Display"
  • Press "Save"
  • When you are finished editing all the days out - Press OK

Un-Selecting Notifications:

Unselect ONE notification:

  • Click on a notification and press the singe "<" button (1)

Un-select ALL notifications

  • Click the "<<<" button (2) and all of the selected notifications will return to the "Available Notifications" list 

To View Notifications on Screen:

If you have an available notification, it will appear as a blue link in the "My Notification" screen. If you click on the blue link, the information will display on the right. There are times when the information on a notification contains a lot of information and some may not be visible. To scroll through the information, simply click in the box on the right (it will just look like a gray field with the notification information in it). After you click anywhere in the information on the right, you will see a scroll bar that you can use to scroll down through the information.

To Print Notifications:

  • Check or Un-check the box in the "Print" column
  • Press the Print option

Notifications for Supervisors:

If you have the ResiDex Staff role 13- Supervisor you may be seeing notifications for ALL campuses.  If you wish to view one campus at a time, you can change your user configuration option to accomplish this. 

  • From the Setup Tab: Click on Configure
  • Select the option on the right: Notifications - This campus only
  • Set the option to "Yes" and close the screen